Did you just get an inheritance—
but just not enough to be “independently wealthy”?

Are you worried about losing it?

Wondering what this means for your life?

Not really up on financial information?

Feeling as much overwhelmed as overjoyed?

You are not alone. Billions of dollars are passing to a new generation every year—but most of those bequests will not make the beneficiary rich. But—even a modest inheritance can change your life if you know what to do. Which will be completely different for each one of us.

I know exactly how you feel.

In 2010 my father died after a long illness. I had lost a lot in the 2008 crash and had been living small for quite some time. But—I was basically at peace with money. The inheritance was modest and all tied up in Oil & Gas. It started to produce a decent but unpredictable income.

I began to do some research to find out what I should do. I looked through Amazon.com for books on the subject. I searched the internet. All I found was a few books—none recent—on dealing with the emotional affects of an inheritance. The internet was not much more help. All the advice was generic, and none of it applied to my situation.

Equally frustrating—it all seemed to be slanted to larger inheritances—not modest or small like mine. I knew that what I had received did not make me rich. I just wanted some guidance on how to handle it.

That is when I realized that I already had the answer. At the height of the crash I had started the Frugal Goddess blog for people that needed to bring joy back into their lives after losing everything. I had carefully analyzed the best ways to live well for less. I could do the same thing for people who had a windfall—just not quite enough. So, the Frugal Heiress was born.

In this program you will learn how to keep your money safe while you figure out what to do with it.

You will find out what your options are. And, best of all, the program will be tailored to you.

The best course of action depends on many variables. Your age, your financial position BEFORE the inheritance, your dreams for the future, whether you have kids, and if you do, their ages—all of these things and much more.

In the Frugal Heiress program I will take you through a series of steps meant to clarify exactly where you are now and where you would like to go. And—how to get there.

In six weeks you will build knowledge and certainty about your future. Your new life is waiting. Join now to make your dreams come true. This is YOUR time.

This program is self-paced and begins when you sign up.

Class includes 6 video classes to watch at your own pace, with a downloadable workbook and membership in a secret Facebook Group
PLUS – TWO private – 30 Minute Skype consults.

ONLY $99