Are you constantly struggling to make ends meet?

Does your self-worth go up and down like a yoyo with your bank balance?

Do you feel deprived most of the time?

Do you feel out of control because you have no system to deal with your finances?

The Frugal Goddess Make Peace with Your Money Program has the answers you’ve been seeking.

You will learn why you are at war with money and how to stop it and get on track for a happy and rich life—no matter what your current situation.

If you have these painful problems with money you are not alone.  In our world today money has become so important that many of us confuse having money with having a good life. If we fall short it eats away at our self-worth and our happiness—even the happiness that is attainable without money.

People have been looking for the answer to what makes a good life for as long as we have walked this earth. And, for just as long, we have tried to work out what the best allocation of scarce resources.

Over and over, the wisest answer to what makes a good life has been: Happiness. The question of how to allocate scarce resources has never been answered, leaving each new society to figure it out the best they can.

And that explains why our society has mixed up money and happiness.

The two things do have a relationship, but it’s not what most people think it is. And so we go about it backwards, picking a dollar figure we THINK will make us happy, and then chasing it without regard for anything else.

If you ask most people who aren’t “rich” what amount would fix there life and make them happy—they pick something over a million dollars. Or they mention a six figure income.

Which shows one area of confusion about wealth. They difference between a large income and high assets.

There is an old argument about money and happiness. We have heard that the best things in life are free, and also that money can buy happiness. But that is obviously not true in our system. I prefer to say that money can’t buy happiness, but real poverty creates misery, which is not quite the same thing.

There has actually been a study done regarding the relationship between income and happiness in America. The study measured the exact figure where more money stopped increasing our happiness. The number was $75,000 a year in place with an average cost of living. In the Hawaii it goes up to $122,000. In Mississippi it went down to $68,500. I would add that this is true IF you have your basic assets in place—a pleasant home, transportation, and good medical care, etc.

But, what if you don’t have even that? This is where frugality comes in. I am going to ask you to figure out what makes you happy and then find ways to get as much of that as possible without using money, or at least without over spending.

And frugality has another benefit. It will help you get to the magic number a lot faster, and allow you to sleep better on your way.

In this course we will look at what makes YOU want to jump out of bed in the morning, and how to get those things without breaking the bank.

We will also talk about what money can’t buy, and how to use those things to create the good life for your self. And we will look at all the ways you can make what you do have work better for you.

Here are some of the things included in the program:

  • What is the relationship of money to self-worth
  • Different Money styles—what’s yours?
  • Getting Organized to take Control of Your Money
  • What is frugal abundance and how can you use it to become happier and more prosperous
  • What are your current expenses—and your current needs
  • How to track your current spending and create a spending plan that works for you
  • What is your wish list—if money were no object
  • Finding other ways to get your needs and wants satisfied
  • The relationship between Effort, Time, and Money
  • What are your skills and how you can use them to get what you want
  • Should you do it yourself? How being self sufficient can make your life richer
  • Putting it all together

This program is self-paced and begins when you sign up.

Class includes 6 video classes that you can watch on your own schedule, with a downloadable workbook. There will be a secret Facebook group to share with others going through the same process, and two webinars TBD.
PLUS – SIX private – 20 Minute Skype consults to discuss your challenges, your big shifts, and to keep you on track. And a copy of Frugal Abundance: the Essential Guide to Living Prosperous Green and Happy

ONLY $99