Do you struggle to buy good food, but it’s eating a hole in your wallet?

Are you worried about HOW the way you eat is affecting your health—or your kid’s health?

Are you on a restricted diet and finding it hard to get your needs met?

Are you eating expensive, unhealthy take-out all week long?

Do you just wish you could LOVE mealtime again?

Well—you can. The Frugal Goddess Cooks can solve all of these problems and more.

Here is what you will learn in this 6 week program for people just like you:

  •  What real food is and why it is so costly
  •  Why you waste food and how to stop
  •  Where real food comes from—and it’s not just the supermarket
  •  How to shop for the best food and save money at the same time
  •  How to set-up your kitchen
  •  What to do when you are starving—the kids are starving—it’s 6 pm and you just got home
  •  How to be ready to cook at home even if you are crazy busy
  •  Cookbooks—why you should use them and which are best
  •  How to tackle your first cooking project even if you have never even boiled water
  •  Kitchen hacks to make what you cook tastier and better
  •  Cooking without a book
  •  Advanced techniques for the truly committed
  •  Putting it all together

Sandra turns in to the takeout Pizza place for the third time this week. A single mom with three kids, she tells herself this is normal. But even the kids are getting tired of pizza. And she worries about the health effects on growing bodies—not to mention the effect on her bank balance. But Sandra can barely keep up with her life as it is. Take-out and processed snacks may be expensive, but they are real time-savers. It’s too bad they are also unhealthy and boring.

Alice should not have to worry about money at all. As a successful business owner with a company employing 12 people, she has more than enough in the bank. But even so, $1500 a month to feed two people? Alice shakes her head a bit as she opens up the containers from Whole Foods—salmon with dill, quinoa salad, a chocolate torte. All organic, non-GMO, gluten-free. But the taste falls a bit flat. “Salmon, again?” her husband asks, plaintively. Alice too has traded the pure joy of well-cooked real food for convenience. And she is frustrated.

Marjorie has a different problem. Recently diagnosed with a rare mast cell activation disorder, she has been told to avoid all chemicals and additives, to eat organic, and to severely limit her food choices, especially till she knows what is setting off her reactions. This means she must now eat at home and eat her own cooking. Processed foods all have some possibility of causing an attack. But Marjorie hasn’t really cooked anything in her life and doesn’t know where to begin.

Jane is in a different sort of predicament. She is on food stamps. Her children are 5 and 7. She receives $270 a month to feed all three family members. Her boyfriend, Sammy, has a job and pitches in but his money doesn’t go far. Living a healthy life is very important to Jane and Sammy. And decent food is one of the few pleasures a poor person MIGHT be able to look forward to. Jane has time, but doesn’t know how to shop the right way to put three scrumptious and cheap meals on the table every day plus snacks.

These women are all in very different positions in life. They all seem to have different problems. But they share one common problem. They all have a problem with food. And therefore, none of them are getting the proper nutrition and wonder soul satisfying pleasure that comes when we eat real wholesome foods the way nature intended.

There are 6000 chemicals allowed in our food supply legally. This does not include GMO’s that change the genetic make-up of the foods themselves. The way the FHA decides if a new chemical is safe? They ask the company that makes it. Does anyone really believe this is safe?

Maybe not—but our food supply is infected with these chemicals from top to bottom. And—unless you can afford to eat in 3 star restaurants three meals a day—eating out is even worse. When you eat out, you have no control over how much salt or trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup you may be getting. And—as we see in the four examples above, this type of edible non-food doesn’t even really satisfy.

These non-foods do have an addictive quality. That is intentional. The same chemicals that preserve and “enhance” also can make you crave the foods they are in. I will address this more later. It is a true health threat.

My Story:

I had just about every problem on this list. I have been too busy, too poor, and have developed a chronic disease that restricts what I can eat.

I have been cooking since I was eight years old. The oldest of the second batch of siblings, I had three younger sisters. And we were neglected children. For various reasons, neither parent was able to care for the four of us. The two older girls were enough older to be basically out of the house. So, I learned to cook.

First it was Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup. I would add another two cups of shell macaroni or rigatoni and cook it till the noodles were soft. I shudder to think what was in that package of dried powder.

But soon, I discovered a cookbook by a French Chef called the Big Gold Cookbook. I didn’t know it was for advanced cooks, so I just followed the instructions and looked things up if I didn’t understand. Within a couple of years I was a very good cook. By 1974 the Joy of Cooking was my favorite book. I wore a few of them out.

You would think that this would be enough to prepare me for feeding myself and others but it wasn’t.

Instead, I was almost a split personality when it came to food. When my life was going well, I cooked at home and ate well. But when anything threw me off balance, I would choke.

It could be lack of money or time. For a number of years I was married to a very difficult man. He would follow me around the kitchen criticizing my every move. And he like to go out to the most expensive places even though he was unemployed. I stopped cooking. My balance was gone.

At another point, I was just plain depressed. It was hard to get out of bed, much less cook anything. I lived on peanut butter and jelly.

And then there was the year I started my business. I was working 60 hour weeks, my kitchen was a disaster, and I was living on raisin bran.

Something had to give, and it did. I got sick. And the only way to stay well was to organize my kitchen, my shopping, my food prep, and my cooking. But I didn’t have enough money to just load up on organic convenience food. And even if I did, those foods are also processed. They do not have the same nutritive value as real whole foods.

I began to analyze exactly why I, a very good self-taught cook, could not maintain a good working relationship with one of the basic needs in life—a healthy diet.

I looked at every aspect of it. The cost. The time. The needed skills. And that is how I built the Frugal Goddess Cooks Program.

Sign up today and be eating well by spring!!
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Class includes 4 video classes to watch at your own pace, with a downloadable workbook and a copy of Annabel Ascher’s book, Whole Food at Half Price: Four Weeks to Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank, plus membership in the secret Facebook Group, Cooking with the Frugal Goddess to share stories with other participants.
PLUS – FOUR private – 20 Minute Skype consults.

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