About the Frugal Goddess

In the current economic climate frugality is cool again. But there is really something deeper at work here. Even if the economic recovery were to come to pass this very moment, the earth can’t afford the kind of wasteful rampage that has been the popular lifestyle of choice in the developed world over the last several decades. The ‘frugal abundance advocated in this blog is the solution.

If you are scared to death because you just got laid off, or your house is in danger, you will find practical advice. If you are on solid ground but just have a bad feeling about the excesses of the past, you will find inspiration on these pages.The Frugal Goddess gives you the straight info on avoiding wasteful spending and saving money so you can live a happier, freer, more prosperous life.

The Frugal Goddess is written by Annabel Ascher, a resident of Sonoma County California. She has lived a life of economic extremes, from great fortune to sudden poverty. She relearned the secrets of frugal abundance all over again when her circumstances changed in 2007. Faced with the death of her husband and loss of livelihood, she had no choice but to change her lifestyle.

When times got tough Annabel used everything in her frugal tool kit to develop a system that will work for anyone to save money, live well with limited funds, and eventually restore prosperity. Many people are now realizing that more stuff does not equal more happiness. Let the Goddess show you how to live frugal, green, and happy!



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