Black Friday

MP900182576Sitting here thinking about the mad commercial stampede going on in America today, the day after Thanksgiving. As a frugal person you would think that I would be all enthused. But that is not the case.

It is true that some good bargains can be had on many items. But I need to ask why should I spend any money at all? And if I do need to spend, why should it be now?

If there is something specific you have been on the look-out for, and it is going to be on sale on “Black Friday”, by all means grab it. Just don’t do it on Thursday evening before the turkey is cold.

But being frugal is more than just bargain hunting. It is a way of life that seeks to inform the way money is allocated, and to make sure that your long term best interests and your deepest values are honored in your spending and investing of money, time, and energy.

Therefore, if you are truly frugal, you will be on the lookout for bargains on things you need all year, not just on the Friday after Thanksgiving. You will have already identified your true needs and wants, and compared this to your current cash resources. You have already considered how to get the need met without spending money and come up short.

So you start to make a plan to buy the thing. You might go to garage sales, craigslist, and social media to find the thing. And most likely the source will not be a Black Friday sale, brick and mortar or online.

If you computer fails on the Wednesday before thanksgiving, by all means look for a sale on Friday. This is the type of product that may have an excellent price on Black Friday. Just don’t get sucked in and buy a load of cheap crap along with the thing you need. And if you are actually going to a mall, be careful. People have been injured.

And if you are buying online be careful that you will get what you think you are getting. It is a good day for scams.

But, what about holiday gifts? If you are a real frugalista there are very few gifts you will give that you didn’t make yourself, barter for, or find at a normal sale during the year. One of the benefits of frugal living is planning ahead. And when you do that, you can always get the best price.

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